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An extensive range of airers and washing lines for you to buy online

Welcome to the Clothes Airer Store. We bring together all the main brands of clothes airer, pulley airer, ceiling airer, washing line and clothes dryer to make life easier for you. We offer low prices, and free delivery on all products.

Ceiling Airers
Ceiling Airers
Free Standing Airers
Free Standing Airers
Wall mounted airers
Wall Mounted Airers
Rotary washing lines
Rotary Washing Lines
Accessories and Spares
  • Drying your clothes with a clothes airer or washing line will save you about £70 a year on your energy bills compared with using a tumble dryer. You will also reduce your carbon footprint by about 280 kg each year and reduce fabric wear and tear, wrinkling, static, and noise.
  • Our indoor airers (ceiling airers and the standalone or wall mounted airers when used indoors) offer the privacy of drying indoors and independence from the weather.
  • Our outdoor airers allow you to use the wind and sun to dry your clothes with no energy costs and no risk of damp. They come in a range of sizes to sit on the smallest terrace or handle the largest family wash.
  • All orders are delivered free (though some have a surcharge for the Highlands and Islands), and if you have questions, call us on 020 8133 9002.
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